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Glenium® 7500  

Glenium® 7500 high-range water-reducing admixture is very effective in producing concrete with different levels of workability including applications that require self-consolidating concrete. The use of Glenium 7500 admixture results in excellent early age compressive strength as well as faster setting characteristics.


  • Excellent early strength development
  • Controls setting characteristics 
  • Optimizes slump retention/setting relationship
  • Consistent air entrainment 
  • Dosage flexibility 


  • Faster turnover of forms due to accelerated early strength development
  • Reduces finishing labor costs due to optimized set times
  • Use in fast track construction
  • Minimizes the need for slump adjustments at the jobsite
  • Less jobsite QC support required 
  • Fewer rejected loads 
  • Optimizes concrete mixture costs 

Product Information:

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